What happened after the bridge?

February 25, 2020

When SBS television’s program Dateline visited Hanoi with Masterchef Adam Liaw in late 2019, Viet and Tuan were living under a bridge. The scene of the two boys sharing about their lives, showing the world where they live, was heartbreaking. But since then, their lives have taken a turn for the better.

This short clip introduces Blue Dragon’s social worker Vi, himself a former street kid, and the two teen boys Viet and Tuan. At the time, a rundown sofa set on the muddy field under a bridge was what they called home.

Before being filmed, Tuan and Viet had sometimes been at Blue Dragon and sometimes gone back out to the streets. With over 15 years’ experience of working with street children, we see this as a familiar pattern: some children will immediately leave the streets when they are offered help, while others will take months or even years before they are ready. 

As Adam Liaw discovered, the issue is not only about their physical situation: it’s about the trauma they are experiencing inside. 

So where are Tuan and Viet today? 

Since the filming with SBS, both boys decided to come back to a Blue Dragon safe house. They were touched that they had received this attention and wanted to try again to return to something more stable.

Today Tuan and Viet are doing well. Tuan works as a security guard in a company, looking after parked cars and motorbikes, while Viet is working on a farm, where he continues to enjoy being in the outdoors – but in a much safer environment! 

Blue Dragon carries on caring for and supporting both boys. And if they do return to the streets again, we will continue to be there for them. 

Your donations to Blue Dragon will ensure Tuan, Viet and girls and boys just like them continue to receive help. Gifts are tax-deductible in Australia, the USA, and Switzerland. Donate here.

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