Five reasons to celebrate: 2023 Year-end Highlights

December 28, 2023

2023 has been another significant year for Blue Dragon. With support from the global community, we’ve protected even more children, families and communities from human trafficking. 

We’ve improved the lives of over 20,000 people living in extreme poverty. And we’ve played a role in shaping laws that will keep thousands safe from slavery.

Here are some of the highlights…

1. More rescues than ever before.

This year we have brought home 324 people from brothels, forced “marriages” and forced online-scamming operations; the most people we’ve ever rescued in a year. The youngest child we rescued was just 6 years old and the oldest person was 74. 

Around a third of these people were rescued from scam compounds. Throughout the year, there’s been an explosion in the number of cases of human trafficking around Southeast Asia. However, we have remained undeterred and thanks to the generosity of our supporters, we have continued to answer every call for help we’ve received.

Our work protecting Hanoi’s street kids from exploitation has also grown. Almost 200 homeless girls and boys were given practical assistance this year.

 2. Keeping children and families safe.

People living in extreme poverty are by far the most at risk of human trafficking. Lifting people out of poverty is one of the most effective ways of ending modern slavery.

The lives of thousands hundreds of families are better off this year:

  • 107 houses built for families in extreme hardship.
  • 404 families assisted in starting their own farms or small businesses.
  • 1,200+ children helped to attend school or training 
  • 173 students were supported with university scholarships. (41 university students graduated in July!)
  • 1,100+ families and households provided with nutritional support.
A before and after photo of a a house in Vietnam

Before and after – a massive transformation for this family.

3. Blue Dragon’s anti-trafficking work is gaining traction.

Prevention is the only way we’ll truly end human trafficking. 

We have protected even more people from modern slavery by training citizens and officials; implementing ‘Anti-Trafficking Boards’ in communities; and helping schools provide education and care for their students.

It’s rewarding to see that momentum is building and our efforts are having an effect. In fact, such is the effectiveness of the systems we’ve developed that the government of one province has set up its own Anti-Trafficking Boards to protect citizens across its 56 villages.

4. Contributing to Vietnam’s laws.

A crucial way to fight traffickers is in legislation. Blue Dragon’s legal team has been involved in providing feedback and expertise to Vietnam’s government on the Law on Preventing and Combating Human Trafficking.

When enacted, the law will offer more protection for all Vietnamese people.

5. A growing global community.

Blue Dragon’s global community has gone from strength to strength. 63 fundraising events were held by our friends near and far, all to raise money and awareness of our work in Vietnam. 

The annual Marathon Walk was a record-breaking success with over 1,500 people participating in 17 countries! (Make sure you mark your calendar for next year’s Walk: September 8, 2024).

2024 — It’s our year!

With each passing day, our vision to end human trafficking is becoming a reality. And, as you would expect, we have no intention of slowing down in 2024.

Next year is officially Blue Dragon’s 20th birthday, which happens to coincide with the lunar calendar’s Year of the Dragon! You can be sure that we’ll mark the occasion. 

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