New year, new house

Michael Brosowski
January 14, 2014

From Michael’s blog

Here’s some good news to start the new year.

When Blue Dragon found 13 year old Lanh enslaved in a garment factory and brought him home, we were shocked to see the state of his family home. It wasn’t just a little run down; it was barely habitable.

Bringing trafficked children home is not the end of our work or our responsibility. Home has to be a safe place; it has to be a place that the kids want to be. We can’t just drop the kids off and hope things work out better for them. We have to make sure things will be better.

And so we put out a call for help to a group of friends and volunteers in Sydney, who call themselves the Blue Water Dragons. They responded by raising the money – about $2500 –  to completely renovate Lanh’s house and make it a home that the family could be proud of and comfortable in.

Here’s the “Before”…

Front view of the house. 

The front room – with Blue Dragon staff visiting.

The rear of the house…

 … and this was the kitchen.

And here’s the “After.” Spot the difference?? 

The new front view

The front room – now with a proper floor!

Interior view

And a new kitchen!

Lanh’s home is looking great, and it’s all ready in time for the Lunar New Year (Tet) which is coming soon. This is one very happy family.

Here’s to hoping we can do the same for many more families in need this year! And a huge THANKS to the Blue Water Dragons for making this possible.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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