What did Blue Dragon do in 2013?

Michael Brosowski
December 30, 2013

From Michael’s blog lifeisalongstory.com

Here’s a snapshot…

– 162 street and homeless children received help from the Street Outreach team.

– 56 street children were reunited with their families. 

– 19 rescue trips brought home a total of 82 victims of human trafficking from brothels and factories.

Children trafficked for work in garment factories: April 2013

– 20 human traffickers arrested, and 10 sweatshops penalised for using child labour.

A sex trafficker is taken into custody: March 2013.

– 4 victims of sex trafficking represented in court.

– 836 children and family members received legal registration papers, such as birth certificates and identification cards.

A Thai woman in northern Vietnam with her legal documents: December 2013.

– 715 children and families received legal advice.

– 20 children and youth in conflict with the law received legal advocacy.  

– 1205 children went to school, with full support for school fees, uniforms and study gear. 

– 53 teens studied at Vocational Training centres. 

– 76 tertiary students received scholarships and support.

Tertiary scholars gather to plan their year: October 2013

– 5 houses built.

– 83 kids taken to a doctor or hospital.

– 112 children received a bicycle to go to school.

– 50 life skills workshops were held for children and family members.

A workshop on Keeping Safe: November 2013.  

– 31 victims of child sexual abuse received legal advocacy and emergency care.

– 104 children stayed in Blue Dragon’s short term accommodation. 

– 112 children and and teens lived in Blue Dragon’s long term accommodation.

– 36,080 meals served to hungry kids.

– 8,160 kg of rice distributed. 

– 183 games of soccer played.

– … and our work all around central and northern Vietnam meant that the trusty Blue Dragon car drove a total of 41,199km!

P.S. We’re not sure how to measure fun, but we had loads of that, too!!

 A performer from Circa teaches the kids some tricks: November 2013.

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