14 year old rescued with 6 others

January 31, 2017
14 year old ‘Quy’ thought it was a great idea to write her parents a suicide note. She was smitten with a young man she met online and he suggested that they run away. Unfortunately, she ended up being sold to a Chinese man. She is just one of 7 trafficking victims rescued by Blue Dragon recently.
Another was tricked by her neighbour to go to China. They told her they needed help to sell things there. She had married into a very poor family. Thinking of her 3 year old child, she agreed as she could earn some extra money. She was instead sold into a forced marriage. She resisted so much that she was beaten savagely by her Chinese husband daily.
Blue Dragon will help them lodge their police statements and reunite them with their families. The mother of the 3 year old can’t wait to see her child again.
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