15 girls trafficked to China are now free

January 25, 2017
It was the biggest group of new trafficking survivors cared for by Blue Dragon. 15 girls who were rescued and returned to Vietnam with the support of Blue Dragon are now safe.
The youngest is just 13 years old. She had a simple argument with her parents and ran away from home. A trafficker lured her to work in China but she ended up as a forced bride. Another is 24 years old with 2 children. Her husband deserted her when she was pregnant with the 2nd child and she found herself in debt. She agreed to go to China as she was promised the money to repay her debt. However, she ended up in a miserable forced marriage where she was not allowed to shower for weeks.
They are in the process of being reunited with their families with Blue Dragon’s assistance. 15 girls with 15 stories of misery which will now have a different ending.
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