2 friends rescued from China

September 8, 2016

The Blue Dragon team had already made plans to rescue ‘Chau’. At the last minute, she said she couldn’t leave without her friend ‘Hieu’. It turns out that when Chau was offered a good job in China by a woman, she immediately thought of sharing this good fortune with her friend Hieu. The woman was very pleased that two girls would travel with her. When they got there, they were locked up immediately and threatened with severe beatings if they did not marry a Chinese man. The woman said that all they had to do was get married, she would be paid, and after 2 weeks, she would rescue them. Chau and Hieu had no choice but to obey. It was a heart stopping moment for the rescue team when they split into two teams and got the girls out at the same time. They were separated by a distance of 40 kms. They are now safe and back in Vietnam.

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