2 traffickers sentenced to 10 & 13 years in prison

June 8, 2017
It was a case with many twists and turns. The police had nabbed the traffickers, but didn’t have a statement from a victim. Blue Dragon was asked to assist in finding and rescuing the girls they sold to China. Finally, they had their day in court.
Blue Dragon represented the survivors and the judge sentenced the men to 13 years and 10 years in prison for selling two 15 year old girls into forced marriages in China. They were also ordered to pay the girls US$3200 for the pain and suffering caused. This will never make up for the days of tears and terror (for 1 girl especially whose husband was very violent), but it is significant.
#BeAHero and support the 2017 Rescue Appeal so that more girls can be freed, and traffickers brought to justice.
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