2 trafficking victims rescued on time to secure arrest of trafficker

February 5, 2017
It was a race against time. The police had caught the trafficker who had already sold 10 girls. However, with all the girls in China, they didn’t have any statements from her victims. Blue Dragon managed to rescue 2 girls on time, and secure the continued detention of the trafficker.
One was told by the trafficker that she could visit home after one month in China. Life was difficult for her family so she decided to take up the offer of the well-paid job. The second girl was told that if she did not like it in China, she could always return. However, when she got there, she was given two options – to get married, or to ‘work’ in a brothel.
They are now free and will testify against the trafficker. “Both of us had to travel thousands of kilometres to reach Vietnam, and we are very happy to be home again.”
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