20 years and then some

January 9, 2024

Reflections from Blue Dragon’s founder, Michael Brosowski

The Year of the Dragon, 2024, coincides with Blue Dragon’s official 20th birthday. 

With so much on the horizon, it’s hard for us to not be excited about what the year might bring.

We say that this is our ‘official’ 20th because even though 2004 was when we received all the required approvals, Blue Dragon was running regular activities and opened a shelter for street children a year before then. So in a way, this is a birthday that we’re celebrating over two years.

But birthdays and anniversaries in themselves are just symbolic markers along the way, while it’s the whole journey that’s important. So why is this birthday such an important moment in Blue Dragon’s history?

A moment to celebrate

Blue Dragon has much to celebrate.

Every one of the 1,400+ children, women and men who we’ve rescued from slavery is a reason to celebrate. 

Every child we meet sleeping rough on the streets. Every family we build a home for. Every student we assist with a scholarship. Every community we lift out of poverty. 

In reality, Blue Dragon spends very little time celebrating. We always have so much more to do, and most of it is urgent. So our 20th birthday is a moment for us to mark all the great things we’ve done over the years.

Blue Dragon - Building houses

A house under construction in central Vietnam. Blue Dragon has built 262 homes in our first 20 years.

A moment to reflect

Twenty years of helping children turn their lives around and rescuing people from slavery has been a long journey. It certainly hasn’t all been joy and happiness along the way. 

Our birthday is a moment to reflect on what we’ve learned, how far we’ve come… and where we are going next. 

2024 will be a great opportunity to pause and ponder the good and the bad, and everything in between.

Blue Dragon - social workers working with street kids

A staff member sits with street children under a bridge in Hanoi.

A moment to be grateful

Of all the great work Blue Dragon has done over the years – the rescues, the law reform, the community development – one thing is certain:

We could not have done any of it without support from our global community. 

That includes our donors; our board members in multiple countries; our volunteers and staff; our mentors, visitors, social media followers and friends.

All have played a part in Blue Dragon’s 20 years of success.

So above all, our birthday is a moment for us to be grateful for the care and practical support we’ve received over all these years.

And that means 2024 isn’t just ‘our’ birthday celebration. It’s yours too. 

Blue Dragon - circuit court

A circuit court in rural Vietnam to hear a human trafficking case. Since we began, Blue Dragon has represented 265 people in court.

So, what comes next?

While we mark the occasion of this milestone, Blue Dragon won’t be slowing down our great work. During 2024 we’ll be expanding our services to new provinces, including Nghe An in the north-central region and Ho Chi Minh City in the south.

We’ll be continuing with our law reform work, stepping up our rescue operations and staying laser-focused on our mission: the end of human trafficking.

I’m looking forward to celebrating with you throughout the year.

Twenty years down, many more to come.

Michael Brosowski

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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