2023 Podcast Round Up

January 5, 2024

Looking for some inspirational listening to start your new year? Here’s a roundup of all the podcasts in which Blue Dragon made an appearance in 2023.

1. The Bureau Asia: Vietnam’s brave fight against human traffickers 

How widespread is human trafficking in Vietnam? Who are the people most vulnerable to being trafficked? What compels someone to traffic another person? And what can we do to combat these appalling crimes? 

Blue Dragon founder Michael Brosowski discusses these pressing questions with Matthew Cowan of Bureau Asia.

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2. Exit Insights: Building a strong foundation: How Blue Dragon’s founder prepared for succession

In this podcast with Darryl Bates-Brownsword, CEO of Succession Plus, Michael opens up about his first unsuccessful attempt to move out of the CEO role in 2015 and what lessons he learned to make a successful move the second time.

For those looking for a peek behind the organsiational curtain of Blue Dragon, then this is the podcast for you.

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3. Pave: The Justice Dialogue: Blue Dragon’s Fight Against Human Trafficking

To be a successful organisation in a country as dynamic as Vietnam, adaptability is key. Over 20 years of operating, Blue Dragon has continued to evolve to meet the changing demands of the people we help.

Starting with the first rescue, Michael discusses the challenges and changes Blue Dragon has faced over the course of two decades with Ashwini Muruganandam, the founder and CEO of Singapore-based The Justice Dialogue.

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4. Chezuba Talks: Shining a light on child trafficking 

It’s when we feel most powerless that things really take their toll. Michael joins Chezuba Talks — a series of podcasts with the leaders of non-profits — to discuss resilience and the systems needed to support frontline staff responding to human trafficking. 

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5. The Good Life: Michael Brosowski on helping street kids and fighting human trafficking 

What was the turning point at Blue Dragon that triggered a renewal of our purpose? How do organisations like Blue Dragon maximise short-term effectiveness while taking a long-term view to address systemic problems? Why would someone traffick another human and are human traffickers evil?

For answers to these wide-ranging and challenging questions, listen to the The Good Life podcast to hear a compelling conversation between Michael and Australian federal Member of Parliament Andrew Leigh.

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6. The Authentic Lioness Podcast: 100 Successful women: Kim Miller 

Kim Miller, Blue Dragon’s schools and partnerships coordinator, is the star of this podcast with Vivienne Fam, a champion of women’s empowerment.

Tune in to find out what changed Kim’s life and motivated her to give up teaching to join the fight against human trafficking.

Oh… and you’ll hear about Kim’s preparation to swim across the English Channel in 2024.


7. Spiritual explorer Rescuing slaves: from Aussie English teacher to hero! 

In his final podcast for the year, Michael joins Lorraine Nilon on her Spiritual Explore podcast. 

As well diving into the history of Blue Dragon, the pair discuss the power of giving and the importance of looking for the good in others. Is it possible for anyone to make a difference? What role does authenticity play in gaining and retaining supporters?

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Pour yourself a nice hot drink, get the headphones on and enjoy some inspirational discussions on the life-changing work of Blue Dragon in Vietnam.

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