A day out on the farm for Blue Dragon’s kids with disabilities

July 14, 2017
As a special summer treat, Blue Dragon organised a day trip to an educational farm for 31 kids with disabilities and their carers. It was an opportunity to get away from their daily routine. Coming from disadvantaged households, being out in nature with the animals was a great experience for the kids.
Blue Dragon staff and student leaders also organised interesting events such as a Masterchef challenge, arts and crafts activities, and a fashion show! Animals were cuddled, bracelets were made and some even went swimming.
Spurred on by their peers and the spirit of the day, the kids managed to complete an obstacle course to the surprise of their parents. “Tan would never have done that at home,” a parent said of her son. That was affirmation that when given the right encouragement and environment, everyone can shine, especially kids with disabilities!
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