Rescued after 18 years trapped in China

July 16, 2017
For 18 years, Lan’s mother and father kept hoping against hope that they will see their daughter again. It was in 1999 when Lan was only 16 that she went missing. Someone heard Lan was looking for work and told her about a job in another province in Vietnam. Lan agreed to go because she wanted to help her family.
It was a lie. Lan ended up in a forced marriage to a stranger in China. Her husband’s family imprisoned her for one year in the house. After that, they followed her whenever she went out in the village.
Lan had given up hope of ever returning to Vietnam. She owes her freedom to another Vietnamese woman who had come to her village to attend a wedding banquet. This woman heard of Lan’s story from the villagers, and she reported the case to the Vietnamese police. Blue Dragon was then called to help her.
The rescue was complicated because Lan was followed everywhere by the Chinese family. Thankfully, Lan managed to escape and Blue Dragon has also helped reunite her with her family. Her mother’s and father’s tears of sorrow of missing her for 18 years were mixed with those of relief and joy of seeing Lan again.
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