A Thank-you Letter from a Grateful Father

March 4, 2024

“Even now, several months later, I wake up in the middle of the night and can’t believe my child is actually safe. For me, there is no greater joy in life than having my daughter home again.”

These are the words of Chu, a father whose daughter, Ly, was trafficked into Myanmar last year. For six months, he did everything he could to bring her home. Finally he heard of Blue Dragon and once we knew of Ly’s plight, we put into place a rescue operation to bring her home.

Last month Blue Dragon received a letter of thanks from Chu. Every one of our supporters played a part in getting Ly home safely, which is why we’re sharing this heartfelt message. 

A letter from a father

In search of a better life

Ly grew up with her father, who worked hard to provide for her. But getting by was a struggle and Ly had only ever known deep poverty. She wanted a better life for herself and her family. And so, like many young men and women, she started looking for work away from her community.

At 20 years old, Ly was offered a job in a restaurant in Thailand, she was thrilled. Finally, she’d be able to support herself and help her father. A month later, she was sitting on a plane, on the way to what she thought would be a better life.

But the dream unravelled once she arrived in Bangkok. At the airport, Ly was met by the person who’d organised the job. They made their way to a car and began to drive.

Soon Ly grew anxious. Something didn’t feel right. She was right to be nervous. Before long they’d left the city behind.

Ly was trafficked into Myanmar and enslaved in a scam compound. For the next six months, she was forced to trick people online. If she refused, she was starved, beaten and tortured.

Meanwhile in Vietnam

Chu learned of the situation his daughter was in and desperately tried to get her home. He sent money to cover the “expenses” her cruel captors claimed she owed. He called everyone he could for help and scoured social media groups for support.

But it seemed that none of the steps Chu took got him any closer to seeing his daughter again.

Eventually, Ly refused to do any more “work”. As punishment, she was forced to contact her father and tell him she’d be sold to work in a brothel if he didn’t pay for her release. This was both a threat and a reality. To her captors, she was of no use to them if she would not do any “work”.

Chu couldn’t pay. He’d already used the little money he had trying to get his daughter back. He felt powerless.

Fortunately, Chu found Blue Dragon. We organised a rescue and soon Ly was home, safe at last.


A second chance at a better life

Although she’s still healing from the trauma inflicted upon her, Ly now has another chance to build the better life she went in search of.

Since returning home, Blue Dragon has provided psychological care to Ly. Her resilience is clear and she is determined that she will rebuild her life. 

She isn’t quite ready yet but Ly dreams soon she’ll be able to complete a vocational training course and become a nail technician. Once qualified, she’ll be able to find work close to home.

The words of Chu are for all of our supporters; it wouldn’t be possible to reunite fathers like Chu with their children without the generosity of our community. You can help rescue people like Ly from slavery by making a donation

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