Blue Dragon Webinar on Southeast Asia’s Human Trafficking Crisis

March 27, 2024

This month, Blue Dragon hosted a webinar: Human Trafficking: A glimmer of hope in an unprecedented crisis. The discussion sheds light on the appalling human trafficking abuses taking place across Southeast Asia right now.

In this important conversation, founder of Blue Dragon Michael Brosowski is joined by Carlota Torres and Nguyen Tra My to share the latest updates on this unfolding situation. The expert panel provide fascinating insights into our work on the frontlines combating human trafficking and why there is cause to be optimistic.

The situation is undeniably bleak. Currently, hundreds of thousands of people are trapped in slavery across Myanmar, Cambodia and Laos. Blue Dragon is responding to more calls for help than ever before and rescuing more people than ever before. However, we remain hopeful. Life for traffickers is becoming more difficult and international pressure to close scam compounds is mounting.

You can make a contribution to ending this crisis by making a donation to our Emergency Appeal. Anything you can give will help rescue people trapped in slavery and bring them to safety.

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Celebrate with us!

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