Kim Qualifies For Big Blue Swim

May 22, 2024

A huge congratulations to Kim Miller and her Big Blue Swim!

Kim is a Blue Dragon staff member, a passionate educator and social worker… and an ocean swimmer.

After two years of training, Kim recently completed her final hurdle in preparation for swimming the English Channel this July. 

The last stage of qualification involved being submerged in cold water for a minimum of six hours. As some of her fellow swimmers dropped out one by one with symptoms of hypothermia, Kim battled on for a full eight hours.

Kim’s road to qualification has been tough. She has come face to face with sharks, had run-ins with over-friendly jellyfish and swam more miles than she cares to remember.

But Kim knows how lucky she is to even consider this challenge. She knows that there are thousands of kids out there who have even greater hurdles forced upon them everyday in the fight for survival. This is what keeps her going when she begins to hit her limits. 

“I know I am very privileged in that this challenge is my choice,” says Kim. “I hope to enable other people to choose their own challenges in life, just like I can.”

Reaching her fundraising target of $200,000 would end human trafficking in ten villages across Vietnam — that is 70,000 people made safe, secure and resilient. 

All that’s left for Kim to do is get on the plane to London and into the channel.

Joining Kim in the mission to end human trafficking is simple: just head to her fundraising page and donate whatever you can.





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