Child bride now free to pursue new future

May 2, 2017
This was not the life ‘Ninh’ had agreed to. She had dropped out of school in Grade 5 so that she can support her family. When her work colleague told her that there is a better job in China, she agreed to follow her. Far from a good job, Ninh ended up being sold for a forced marriage.
Her husband was mentally unstable and abused her both physically and psychologically. His parents did not stop him, and instead, was equally nasty to her. It was just too much to bear for a 14 year old girl. Ninh kept looking for opportunities to run away and it came nearly a year later. When a big group of relatives came to the house, Ninh said that she needed to go to the shop. With her heart pounding, she ran instead to what looked like a police station. She was lucky. Blue Dragon was contacted and has assisted to bring her back to Vietnam.
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