Trafficking victims sold for forced marriages rescued

April 28, 2017

It is easy to fall into a traffickers trap because they prey on hope. Traffickers tell girls from poor families that they can offer good jobs, or even a suitable husband. Take the case of ‘Huong’ who had to work from her early teens to put food on the table for her family. She was working in a garment factory when a colleague told her about a nice Korean man who is looking for a bride. Huong had watched many Korean dramas on TV, and thought that her life will be better in Korea.
Her colleague took her to a place to meet her future husband. She was instead sold in China. She was raped not only by her Chinese ‘husband’ but also his father every night. Blue Dragon helped rescue Huong, together with another girl who was tricked by a man she met on Facebook. Like Huong, she was sold for a forced marriage.

Both girls are now free and reunited with their families.

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