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October 18, 2017

It was a beautiful bright autumn day when 15 year old ‘Huy’ and his grandmother reunited. Bringing up Huy since he was a little boy, his grandma had been desperately worried when he disappeared a few months ago. It’s hard to describe her joy when Blue Dragon contacted her, saying we had found him on the streets and her grandchild was now safe and warm.

Blue Dragon met Huy at a park in Hanoi, living rough on the streets. We offered a place to stay in a shelter, and over a few days Huy came to trust in us. Finally he shared his story and asked us to contact his family.

Huy’s mother was trafficked to China years ago, and since then the family has not heard from her. Living in hardship in a rural village, Huy dreamed that life in Hanoi might offer something better, unaware of the many dangers that a street child faces.

With care and counselling at the Blue Dragon shelter, Huy realized that his home, not the streets, is where he should be. Deep down, he was longing to be home with his grandmother and was thrilled when she came to see him. Even though Huy has grown taller than her since he left home, he is still a child who needs her care and love.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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