Girl Trafficked and Sold Twice for Forced Marriage now Free

November 24, 2016

“I believed I could escape, so I did” is what ‘Phuong’ told Blue Dragon. She is 13 years old now, but was trafficked as a forced bride when she was just 12. She was sold to a man who was mentally unstable. She ran away, but was found and beaten by the man’s family. They then sold her back to the trafficker, who sold her to a different man. Once again, she escaped at midnight and ran through a forest. After some hours, she tried getting on the main road as she was so thirsty. It was then she was caught and beaten badly by the family.  It was at her third attempt to escape that she succeeded. She ran all night through the forest without stopping and Blue Dragon’s rescue team managed to find her on time. She is now safe with Blue Dragon in Vietnam. Her dream is to be fluent in Korean.

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