Mother escaped from 7 months in slavery to be back with her kids

November 15, 2017

“Chi” did all she could to get home to her children.

Struggling to bring up two infants after her husband died, Chi followed some friends across the border from Vietnam into China in the hope of finding a job, leaving her children behind with their grandparents.

Instead she found herself in the hands of human traffickers, who had been paid nearly $2,000 USD by a rural family to find a bride for their disabled adult son. Chi was sold to this family; her dream of earning money to support her children was destroyed.

After 7 months trapped with the family, Chi was allowed to use mobile phone. Risking her life, she secretly called her family back in Vietnam, and soon was in contact with Blue Dragon.

In a terrifying twist, her captor’s family discovered that Chi was attempting to escape. Determined to reach freedom, Chi hid in a canal for 5 hours, and at midnight made a dash through the local cemetery. Chi kept running until dawn, when she found a taxi driver who let her borrow his phone. Chi called our rescue team and, 24 hours after her break for freedom had begun, she was finally in safe hands.

Chi is now in a Blue Dragon safe house. While she is still traumatized by all that has happened, the dream that she has clung to is about to realized: in coming days her children will be back in their mother’s loving arms.

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