Journey to recovery started with a hot meal

November 23, 2017

‘An’ doesn’t know who his parents are, or where he comes from. He grew up in a group of street boys, shining shoes to earn a living on Hanoi’s streets. As a baby he had been adopted but instead of receiving love and care, he had to sell chewing gum and beg on the street. When his adoptive parents moved away, An was left behind.

It was one late evening when Blue Dragon met 13-year-old An, and he was hungry. An went with us to a Blue Dragon safe house, where he thought he could get a warm meal and a safe place to sleep. But he realized he had found something even greater: a home.

An is now in the care of Blue Dragon and he has lived in our shelter since. He is a kind boy, taking care of other people and is well loved by all his friends. An loves all the activities at Blue Dragon, especially the skateboarding. And just recently, he has started going to school again.

An’s journey to recovery started with a hot meal late one night at Blue Dragon. This Christmas, you can create more beginnings for children like An. Your gift of $30 can provide a whole week of nutritious meals. Join us to make more magic:

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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