Teenager is safely home with their family

November 29, 2017

Join the Blue Dragon Red Stocking Christmas campaign to bring more joy to children like ‘Duong’. 

Duong looks much younger than his actual age of 15. His ​​tattered appearance shocked people, and he spent his days selling gum or shining shoe on the streets of Hanoi. At night he slept under an overpass.

This was not the life he had hoped for when he left his family in the countryside. After his father remarried, Duong felt neglected so he went to Hanoi with some friends, where he thought he could earn money and live independently.

He soon met Blue Dragon’s social workers out on the streets. Care and counselling at the Blue Dragon centre reminded him of his family. He shared with us his story and last week asked for help to go home. Duong and his family were overjoyed to be back together. Duong’s journey has been difficult and dangerous, and he has come to understand the importance of being with family and getting an education. He now plans to train as a mechanic when he is old enough.

Your gift this Christmas will mean that more children like Duong can be safely home with their families.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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