Trafficking survivor set free after 637 days enslaved

December 3, 2017

‘Thuong’ counted every day she was locked inside her captor’s house in China, beaten and abused by a man who claimed to be her husband.

She survived 637 terrible days before being rescued by police who then contacted Blue Dragon to bring her home to Vietnam.

Thuong was married and had a daughter in Vietnam before she followed a relative to the border in search of a job. She was taken against her will and sold to a Chinese family whose son could not find a wife due to his intellectual disability.

This week, Thuong returned to Vietnam and she is now safe and rested with Blue Dragon. Doctors have advised that her ordeal has left her with severe malnutrition and mobility difficulties. In coming days and weeks, care, treatment and counselling will help Thuong begin her recovery. And soon she will be back with her family, whom she has desperately missed – for 637 long days.

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