Slavery Survivor Assisted to Return Home to Vietnam

March 10, 2017
‘Tra’ was trafficked and sold to a brothel 7 years ago. A kind man helped her escape and married her. Sadly, he was a drug addict and passed away 2 years later. Tra decided to take her child back to Vietnam so her mother can care for her. Tra then returned to China to pick tea in a plantation. It was hard work, but Tra was able to send some money back to feed her child. When she heard that another tea plantation paid higher wages, she did not hesitate to move. However she ended up being imprisoned and beaten. She was also not paid.
The trauma was too much for Tra to bear and she became mentally ill. The owner then released her, and she was found lost on the streets.  Blue Dragon was called to assist with her repatriation to Vietnam. The rescue team brought her back to Hanoi and took her to the hospital. Blue Dragon then reunited Tra with her family who is extremely happy to have her home. They report that Tra is very much better now.
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