Students inspired by possibilities for the future
On Sunday, 16 year old Huyen woke up extra early, hopped on her bicycle, and headed into town where Blue Dragon was setting up an unusual event: a career preparation ‘talk show’. 
Growing up in impoverished villages, high school students like Huyen don’t know much about the job market or how to prepare for a future career. So the 100 students who gathered were all intrigued to learn about various employment sectors, and excited to take a Strengths Finder test. Some Blue Dragon tertiary students visited to share their own stories of how they were in situations like Huyen just a few years ago, but have been able to attend university thanks to sponsors from around the world. 
Huyen and her friends went home armed with new ideas and inspiration for their futures. 
career advice

High school students had great time discussing about different employment sectors.

Career advice

Students expressed ideas of their favorite jobs.

Career advice

Students took the Strengths Finder test.

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