Summer swimming classes for Blue Dragon kids

September 6, 2017

This summer, Blue Dragon held a basic swimming class ​for 12 kids with the help of​ a​ teacher​ and​ volunteers. ​Special support also came with two kids who have been trained in several swimming classes​ last summer​​​​. The 15-session classes provided kids with fundamental ​swimming and survival skills. ​Kids​, like little ‘Tuan’,​ enjoyed spending their summer time ​at the pool.

Tuan is 12 years old, and comes from a poor family. Despite his disadvantaged background, Tuan is still trying his best to go to school. He joins Blue Dragon’s football activity every Sunday and has barely missed any games. Little Tuan is as fast as lighting on the football field, he puts his heart into what he loves, and we have seen his same effort and enjoyment in swimming this summer.

Tuan practiced diligently, and he passed his exam to earn his swimming certificate! He told us he would support the basic swimming class next summer. Tuan wants to share the joy of sport and help other kids learn swimming.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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