Trafficking victim finally free from abuse

July 7, 2017

Blue Dragon’s Rescue Team never sleeps well before a rescue. So many things can go wrong. Thankfully, every girl rescued from China has made it safely over the border including ‘Tuyen’. She is married with 2 kids, but that didn’t stop her trafficker. A friend of Tuyen’s friend said she could get her a good job in China. She ended up being sold as a forced bride.

Tuyen was in despair. She was trapped in a country where she couldn’t understand the language, and a slave to a brutal man. Her frantic family tried to find her, and Blue Dragon was asked to help. At the appointed time, Tuyen ran out of the house, but was caught and violently beaten. The rescue team changed strategy immediately and managed to get her out before more damage was done.

Tuyen has just made it back to Vietnam safely with 4 other girls recently rescued by Blue Dragon.

Human beings should not be bought and sold. Please support Blue Dragon’s Rescue Appeal to give freedom. Click here to make a contribution!

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