Trafficking victim returning home after being sold twice

October 28, 2017

When a friend ​introduced ​13 year old ​’Han’ a high-paid job in a restaurant, she ​couldn’t be more excited and accepted it straight away.

Han has never been to school so cannot read or write. Growing up on tiny coffee and cashew farm in rural Vietnam, she could only dream of escaping her hardships and having a better life.

Han left home ​hoping for a ​new start​, b​ut she soon realised that the reality was to be very different. ​​Over the next 7 months, she was sold twice to men in China who kept her in sexual slavery.

Her horrific journey only ended when she ​ran away and ​was picked up by the Chinese police​, who ​helped her get back to Vietnam’s border ​and contacted Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation​. ​Han​ spent several days in Blue Dragon’s care to start her recover​y and make statements to the police​.

Yesterday, Blue Dragon accompanied Han back to her family in southern Vietnam. ​The joy of returning home was crushed with the news that her father passed away just 2 weeks ago.

Han will need care and support for a long time to come. ​Blue Dragon will be there for her and her family for as long as we are needed. ​

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