Two trafficking victims escape from forced marriage

November 2, 2017

Loan and Giang met on the road to China, following a woman who had offered them both good jobs.

The girls made friends quickly as they discovered they had much in common. They both were aged 23 and from H’mong communities in mountainous regions of Vietnam. Both were also living in poverty so needed to find work away from home to support their families.

The two young women were so excited to finally have a life changing opportunity!

Their lives changed, indeed, but in a way they had never imagined. As soon as Loan and Giang crossed the border, they were sold to men in search of wives. For the next 7 months, held captive in a remote village, Loan and Giang met just a few times. The pair struggled to maintain contact in hope they could find a chance to run away.

Their chance came one day when Loan was allowed to use a mobile phone and called the police. When word came through to Blue Dragon, we tracked her down and then with her help, freed Giang from her nightmare.

Loan and Giang returned home to their desperately worried families earlier this week. Blue Dragon is now working with the police to find the trafficker so she cannot harm any other young women.

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