News Roundup: May 2015

Michael Brosowski
May 13, 2015

From Michael’s blog

An occasional roundup of news stories about the issues impacting kids in Vietnam and around the world.

In Vietnam

Man claims to be selling sperm in Vietnamese hospital as a cover to sell babies.

Vietnam strengthens its commit to fight human trafficking…

… at a time that trafficking appears to be on the rise.

Reports in English and Vietnamese on the issue of boys being sexually abused and the fear of an increase in sex tourism.

Across the region

Refugees being killed by traffickers as they cross the Bay of Bengal.

Nothing to see here.

300 men enslaved and held on an island in Indonesia.

Some thoughts on why South East Asia still struggles with slavery and trafficking.

Around the world

Wanting to work in international development? A new book details all the ins and outs – including a section quoting Blue Dragon’s founder, Michael Brosowski.

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