Change Lives Through Education

Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

Change Lives Through Education

Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.

For children in crisis, there’s no “one size fits all” when it comes to education.

The street children, survivors of human trafficking, and disadvantaged children in Blue Dragon’s care need access to education in all shapes and sizes: vocational training courses, life skills classes, and basic literacy training to name a few.

Your gift of $33 a month will help many children to get the education that they need. Rather than helping a single child, you will be funding classes, training programs, and alternative education options for children and teens who would otherwise be shut out from schooling.

Sponsor girl empowerment - Girls participating in workshop

What you will receive:

  • Regular updates with individual stories about the children who benefit from your giving.
  • Photos of activities and trainings.
  • Data to show your impact.

Other sponsorship options

Sponsorship - Sponsor a university Student (Image of university students)

Sponsor A University Student

Your support will create future leaders.

Sponsorship - Sponsor the Blue Dragon football team (image of members of Blue Dragon United Football Club)

Sponsor Blue Dragon United Football Club

Let our kids take part in the sport they love most!

Sponsorship - Sponsor a frying pan (Image of a frying pan)

Sponsor A Frying Pan

Keep the Blue Dragon frying pan active, to keep cooking up healthy meals for hungry children.

Sponsorship - Sponsor girl empowerment (Image of teen girls dancing)

Empower Teen Girls

Provide educational support and life skills training for girls from disadvantaged communities.

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