Change Lives Through Education

Education is the key to breaking the poverty cycle.
As the school year begins in Vietnam, thousands of children around the country are facing a future without an education.

The coronavirus pandemic has destroyed the livelihoods of families and communities, pushing them into deep poverty. Without targeted support, many children will be forced to stop studying in order to earn an income.

As a sponsor, you will ensure highly disadvantaged children stay in school and give them the key to breaking the cycle of poverty.

Blue Dragon - life skill training for street kids

Rather than supporting a single child, your gift of $33 a month will provide uniforms, books, stationery, classes, training programs, and alternative education options for many children and teens who would otherwise be shut out from schooling.

As a sponsor, you will receive regular updates with photos and stories of how you are changing lives.

Your contribution of around $1 a day will have an impact for a lifetime.

“I love going to school. I really like my teachers, hanging out with my friends, and I think learning is so much fun.”

Hien comes from a tiny, isolated village in northern Vietnam. To get to school from her wooden hut, she travels winding dirt paths every morning.

Rain or shine, dry or muddy trails, Hien is always at her desk right on time. That’s how much this 12 year old loves school.

Blue Dragon - A kid from ethnic community is studying at home

Out of all her school subjects, music is Hien’s favourite. In fact, she dreams of becoming a singer one day!

But without a helping hand, Hien’s dream will never come true.

Hien’s mother is raising her daughter all by herself. She works on the fields as hard as her medical condition allows her, but despite her efforts, that’s barely enough to provide food for the family, let alone to pay for Hien’s education.

Will you ensure children like Hien receive an education?

Blue Dragon - Students in Dien Bien

Without support, it’s only a matter of time before Hien leaves school to start working. And all these difficulties not only threaten Hien’s chances of staying in school. They also put her at a high risk of being trafficked.

You can prevent that from happening.

Give children like Hien the opportunity to stay in school and break the cycle of poverty.

Other sponsorship options

Sponsorship - Sponsor a university Student (Image of university students)

Sponsor A University Student

Your support will create future leaders.

Sponsorship - Sponsor the Blue Dragon football team (image of members of Blue Dragon United Football Club)

Sponsor Blue Dragon United Football Club

Let our kids take part in the sport they love most!

Sponsorship - Sponsor a frying pan (Image of a frying pan)

Sponsor A Frying Pan

Keep the Blue Dragon frying pan active, to keep cooking up healthy meals for hungry children.

Sponsorship - Sponsor girl empowerment (Image of teen girls dancing)

Empower Teen Girls

Provide educational support and life skills training for girls from disadvantaged communities.

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