16 year old trafficking victim rescued

September 23, 2017

Thao grew up in an ethnic minority community northern Viet Nam, and dropped out of school at Grade 9. Her family saw no point in her getting an education, so she stayed home and dreamt of what could have been.

Earlier this year, a neighbour promised Thao a good job in China. Aged just 16, Thao knew little of the world and thought that this sounded like a great opportunity. So she followed her friend – and found herself enslaved and sold. The man who bought her paid the trafficker $1,500.

At first Thao tried to resist and even to take her own life, but her chance at escape came when she was given a mobile phone, and finally could call for help. Blue Dragon tracked her down and within a week we had her back in Vietnam.

Thao is now in a safe shelter in the care of Blue Dragon psychologists and working with the police to bring the traffickers to trial. She is incredibly fortunate to have made it out, and determined to see that justice is done.

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