Justice served – traffickers sentenced

September 27, 2017

Like many Vietnamese teens, “Linh” enjoyed making friends on social media and getting to know people far from her village in the mountains. Little did she know, some of these “friends” were traffickers preying on H’mong girls, who they saw as easy targets because of their poverty.

Linh was trafficked when she accepted an invitation to attend a wedding party. Instead of joining a happy celebration, she was sold into a forced marriage and locked into a home deep inside China. Her chance to escape came when she borrowed a phone and contacted her family for help; word came through to Blue Dragon, so we quickly located Linh and sent a rescue team to bring her home.

Last week, Linh’s traffickers stood before a judge and were sentenced to prison for their crime, with Blue Dragon’s lawyers representing Linh in court. This outcome will never make up for her pain and suffering, but justice is done and these traffickers won’t be able to harm any more vulnerable girls.

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