Trafficked victims help rescue others

September 17, 2017

Unable to get a decent job, life was looking grim for ‘Giang’. Some men told Giang that there were lots of opportunities for her to get a high-paid job in China, so she and two other girls, ‘Van’ and ‘Yen’, joined the journey with the men across the border. The girls believed that this opportunity would be life changing.

After leaving Vietnam, the girls stayed in a small house for a few days while waiting for the job. One night, Van accidentally overheard the home owners’ conversation on the phone to sell them into a brothel and forced marriage. Van knew a little bit of Chinese, and she bitterly realized that there would be no dream job for them. The girls drew a plan to escape, then jumped out of the window and caught a bus to the police station. The police asked for assistance from Blue Dragon to help the girls return home.

Blue Dragon’s psychologists took care of Giang, Van, and Yen before helping them reunite with their families last week. We also assisted the girls to identify the traffickers with local police. Thanks to the information they provided, the border police have also rescued three more victims and arrested two traffickers while they were crossing the border. These three girls are now safe in Blue Dragon’s care, recovering from their frightening journey.

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