5 rescued from forced marriages in China

May 22, 2017
Traffickers can be very patient. Take the case of ‘Linh’ who was sold to a forced marriage in China. She went out with a ‘nice’ boy for nearly one year. He even visited her family. So when he invited her to visit his family, she agreed. It was just a ploy and Linh found herself in a strange country, married to a total stranger, against her will. She didn’t think she could ever see her family again. Linh was one of 5 girls recently rescued by Blue Dragon.
The other was a 50 year old woman who was trafficked to China to be sold to a 70 year old man. She was trapped for 1 year before her rescue by Blue Dragon. The third was sold by her neighbour to China. The final two were also sold into forced marriages. One thought she was going to Hanoi for a new job.
All 5 have been reunited with their families, and they have their freedom back.
#BeAHero and support Blue Dragon’s work to rescue girls and women trapped in forced marriages in China. http://bit.ly/2qyGYX8
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