Top 10 highlights of 2022

December 26, 2022

1. Blue Dragon was named as the winner of the prestigious Iqbal Masih Award for the Elimination of Child Labor.

Awarded each year to one person or organisation that has made an exceptional effort to reduce the worst forms of child labor, it was a great honor for Blue Dragon to be named as the 2022 recipient. Many thanks to the United States Department of Labor for this recognition.

2. Skye Maconachie, co-CEO of Blue Dragon, was named as the most outstanding alumni of James Cook University.

Awesome recognition for the dedication and passion she has given to changing the lives of kids and communities in Vietnam!

Vi Do joins Skye Maconachie as co CEO of Blue Dragon

3. We welcomed a new co-CEO to the team.

Vi Do, a long-time staff member and former street kid, joined Skye as a co-CEO. Vi’s commitment to protecting children from homelessness and ending slavery has given us renewed energy to face the many challenges of our difficult work.

4. Stepping up the fight against human trafficking.

More than 15 years of successfully fighting human trafficking has led us to ask the question: Do we think that human trafficking can ever be ended completely?

And our answer? Yes! Much of this year has involved strategising and putting into action our vision to end human trafficking altogether. You can read more about it here.

5. Walking the talk.

Our vision to end human trafficking isn’t just some marketing fluff. We’re doing it.

This year, we:

2022 - Blue Dragon anti-trafficking highlights

6. And then there was another walk!

Every year, Blue Dragon partners with Intrepid Travel to arrange a global walk for the kids of Vietnam. This year, 238 people took part, raising over $180,000 AUD. APT Travel joined in the partnership as well, organising a walk along the bay in Melbourne, Australia while supporters all around the world walked wherever they were.

Next year, the walk will be held on September 10. Mark your calendar!

7. A tertiary record.

Blue Dragon has reached a new record, with 151 young people on university and college scholarships.

In the grand scheme of things, that’s not a huge number. But for those 151 young adults, that’s a life-changing impact that can never be taken away.

68% are girls, and 26% are from ethnic minority communities. We’re putting extra emphasis on girls and ethnic communities because we want to address the inequalities of our world and we know that they are in greater need of assistance to get ahead.

Blue Dragon - Support tertiary students

8. Growing businesses.

Blue Dragon is no “one size fits all” program. Some of the young people we serve want an education, while others want to get straight to work.

So this year we have ramped up our assistance for 129 families to start their own farms and small businesses – everything from chicken farms to banh mi stalls to hairdressing salons.

Empowering people to become financially independent is one of the best ways to prevent human trafficking!

9. Home sweet home.

To eliminate the extreme poverty that leads to human trafficking, Blue Dragon has built 70 houses for families this year. Support from Roll’d in Australia has given these families beautiful, safe new homes… and seed funding to start their own small businesses! In 2023, we’ll keep building more homes across the country.

Blue Dragon - new house for families

10. A global effort.

Above everything, 2022 has shown what’s possible when people come together with a shared belief in humanity.

All that Blue Dragon has achieved is only possible because of people just like you who have donated, raised funds, volunteered, and lifted your voice for the children of Vietnam.

THANK YOU for being the inspiration that has transformed lives.

And now… here’s to another great year to come!

With thanks and best wishes from all of us at Blue Dragon.

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