Ban's Story

Devastated by poverty and tragedy, Ban's determination kept him going.

Ban's Story

Devastated by poverty and tragedy, Ban's determination kept him going.
Ban came to the city hoping for a chance to help his family.
Living in a small town outside Hanoi, his family had always been poor; when his mother died and his brother was blinded in an accident, there seemed to be no future. With nothing but the clothes he was wearing, Ban left home aged 14.

Teaming up with other street kids, Ban became a shoeshine boy and saved up all his money to send home each month to his father and brother.

It was a tough life, and every day was a fight for survival. On rainy days there was no work; no work meant no money. Ban went to sleep hungry many nights.

When Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation met Ban, he was desperate for a helping hand. We gave Ban a place to stay, helped him go back to school, and helped his blind brother back home to enrol in a special school as well.

Now Ban is a young man and has trained as a baker. His days of being homeless and hungry are far behind him.

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