Vy’s story

A teenage girl who just wanted to go to school.
Vy lives with her family on a lagoon. Their house doesn’t have electricity, which makes it difficult for Vy to study at night. During the wet season, heavy rains and storms damage their humble home and prevent Vy’s parents from their only form of work – fishing. The family struggles to get by and keep their kids in school.
Every day Vy rows the family’s boat to shore, excited to get to class. She loves going to school and making new friends. Her favourite subject is literature, and in her spare time she is always reading books and reviews.

So that Vy can continue going to school and doing what she loves, Blue Dragon makes sure her school fees and books are paid for. We purchased an electric lamp so Vy can study after the sun goes down.

Vy is always thinking of others. In the future she wants to go to university and become a lawyer so that she can create peaceful lives for others. This dream can now become a reality for Vy!

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“When I was on the streets, there were days I didn’t have anything to eat. And sometimes there were perverts who approached me.

But I am safe now and so happy to have a place to stay.”

- Tuan -

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