Thuy’s story

A teenage girl who just wanted to go to school.

Thuy’s story

A teenage girl who just wanted to go to school.
Thuy was living with her mother and sister in a farm shed when we met her. Her family had never had a home, and lived in such extreme poverty that every day was a torment.

Incredibly, Thuy was still in school; her mother knew that education was the key to the future, and would pay her daughters’ school fees even if they didn’t have food to eat.

Thuy was clearly a brilliant young girl; in Grade 9 she won a national award for mathematics. Her classmates had no idea how difficult her life was, and without help there was no way she could continue to the end of high school.
Blue Dragon took on the responsibility of paying school fees for both Thuy and her sister, and we made sure they had all their books and school gear right through to the end of Grade 12.
But we couldn’t leave them living in a shed, so with help from the whole community we built them a house that they could be proud of.
Thuy is now in university, on a scholarship from Blue Dragon. She never dreamed that she could go this far in life… and yet she’s only just beginning.

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